About Trina Lynne

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Bringing you awesomeness since 2009.

In The Beginning


When I started out I had no idea what I was getting myself into.


My aim was to follow the advice of some of my closest friends which were simply, “Start writing or stop talking about it.”

Once I realized the true reward of the written word the possibilities became endless.

However, things were rocky at first.

As a novice in the business of writing, it was hard to figure out just what angle to approach. In the beginning, I hit more roadblocks than a bank robber with failed or ill-developed ideas.


It Takes Time


Over the years, I have worked tirelessly to create posts and updates that speak to my audiences in a way that makes me most comfortable. Plainly speaking, I tell my truths and if you like it, I love it!

I always believe in “Ambitious Endeavors” and “if the sky is the limit, why are you still on the ground” as my motto. I also have adopted the mantra of “Do The Work” to motivate those writers and entrepreneurs that follow me. From these beliefs, I’ve created a business that supports positive and productive people writing their truths.

It took time for me to get to the level of confidence that oozes through my veins now. Bringing you amazing content is my top priority and I LOVE doing it.


Duty Calls


Ambitious Endeavors, a site for writers, features coaching packages, free resources, and advice on how to use words as a business. Also, there is a FB support group where I share tips and tools to help you write the story you were meant to write.

I Mean, Really Dude, a cynical site that focuses on social and other issues in my city and beyond, is a movement which will uplift and motivate change. You may have guessed it, there is a FB group for IMRD too.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: The Struggles of Being Bipolar is the first book I ever published. Took me years to do it too.

Journey to the Sky: If the Sky is the Limit, Why Are You Still on the Ground is my upcoming book set to be released in December 2018. I’m super excited about it.

Writing Coach to the Rescue – In 2017, I started coaching writers on telling their stories in more efficient ways. I plan to continue to do this as I believe in the power of words.



Coming Up Next


2018 has been a blast so far. I am creating an online school for writers, as well as YouTube videos with free advice. I will also be available for speaking engagements which have me pretty stoked.

Stay tuned for the awesomeness.