Just A Girl…Finally

This is a very proud moment. After all the setbacks due to surgeries and a huge move, the day is finally coming. I present to you the cover for Just A Girl, the first book in the Passion, Pain, Pleasure series that I have worked on for two years.

Just A Girl Cover

Just A Girl is the Passion in the series. It explores all the experiences, traumatic and joyous, that led to the fire that drives a writer. Inside, you will find poems and stories that will move you to laugh and cry. It will walk you through a sometimes trying journey that will empower women who have made the tough decisions to become the women they are today.

Women everywhere will be able to relate to these very real and raw tales. What woman hasn’t been at a point where she was just a girl. A point where she just wanted to belong. A point where she may have made the wrong decisions for the right reasons. A point where she just wanted to be respected, supported and understood in her femininity.

No matter how strong she is outwardly, deep inside she is always just a girl. And for this reason, I write to make her strong. From the lessons of my life she will be able to open up to her true self.

For the woman who is hiding behind a smile or a scowl. For the woman who lives through love or loves to live. For the woman who is strong in her beliefs or lacks the same. For the woman who has a voice or the one who is afraid to speak. For the woman who wakes up everyday and works hard to be a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, entrepreneur, caretaker, worker, and all the above. This book is for you.

You are a woman by any standard but inside you are just a girl. And it’s okay. Being a girl is awesome.

Also, this book will be a guiding light for young women looking for their place in this world. It will help them reach for goals that may seem unattainable. It will assist in getting around roadblocks and keep them from traveling down the wrong road. By looking at the experiences within the stories told, they will be able to make better and brighter decisions concerning their education, romantic life, family and friendships.

The young woman will be able to see that the world can be harsh but if she is strong she will find all that she seeks.

I look forward to the release of the first book in the Passion, Pain, Pleasure series and hope that all of you get it and share it with someone who needs to know it is okay to be just a girl.

Stay up to date on the release on Twitter @ #JustAGirl

And I will be looking forward to hearing YOUR stories soon.

2500 and Then Some

Whelp! I made the 2500 word count and a bit more. I am super proud of myself by getting it done. I had to fight through some wrist pain but once I put my brace on, I was completely fine.

I added two new stories in Just A Girl that I am sure readers will love. It also gives writers an idea of what I went through to get to the point of writing for a living. It’s very deep and personal but it’s the perfect kind of story for anyone who needs motivation and hope to move forward.

Here’s hoping that I can do a little more before bedtime and add another 2500 to the book tomorrow.

Until then.

Peace & Blessings

2500 or Bust

Now that all my medical issues are over I have been slowly getting back into a rhythm with writing and my other literary duties. It’s a steady incline of work that I can be truly proud of.

Just A Girl, as you know, is the book I had worked on before I became ill earlier this year. Unfortunately, I had to take time off from it but that time has given me a new perspective on the message I would like to convey.

Today I woke up and told myself that I wanted to write 2500 words.

Now, for those who know me, you’re probably asking yourself why I would try for such a word count on football Sunday. Don’t be confused. I have NFL Red Zone playing and the Eagles don’t get into action until 4:30. So I’m good.

My major focus today is to try to add some words to the manuscript that has sat for the past few months. I’m excited about it. Just slow and steady on to my literary dreams. This should be interesting.

I’ll be sure to update the blog tonight so that you all know if I made my word count and if not, how many words I was actually able to carry out.

Stay tuned!!!

The Opening

Working on Just A Girl has been one of the most rewarding writing experiences I’ve ever had. If you’ve kept up with my tweets you have gotten tidbits from the book 140 characters at a time.

While the book isn’t quite finished yet, mostly due to having so many memories I have to slice and dice, I figured I would give you guys a sneak peek.

Here is what is to be the opening of Just A Girl:


There are so many ways to describe what I have become. So many explanations I could give to those willing to listen. Different insights I could give to all the nonsense and misunderstood moments that have created the individual I am today. Several reasons I could give for the accomplishment, no matter how minimal to the outside world.

Those who do not know me well would consider me to be a well-adjusted person who has managed to bring myself out of the fire. Those who have crossed me see a monster that wreaks havoc on unsuspecting people. Those who know my pain see me as a wounded animal, fearful of life and all that it encompasses. Those who truly know me inside and out have encountered the strong, confident self along with the person full of pain protected by a hell of a mean streak.

No matter how you come to know me, there is nothing more believable than the truth. There is a bit of lie in every truth and a bit of truth in every lie. Each story told has more than one side and can be seen from each possible angle of a complete circle. My life has been more than what I can tell but it is less than what anyone can say about me.

Every cause has an effect and every action has a reaction. I have been hurt and slighted in my past but I have also hurt and slighted others. Sometimes it was to seek revenge, in other scenarios it was just because I could.

The major thing that matters in all triumphs and mistakes are the lesson learned. If we don’t learn from our lives we gain nothing from our own existence. There is nothing worse than repeating the same behavior over and over. People say a repetition of things expecting different results is insanity. And to be honest, I am nearly insane.

The things I have been through, the things I have witnessed and the things I have done have caused me to become a person I am not readily able to recognize. Looking in the mirror is a chore that I would rather not complete. If I look, I am forced to see myself for who no one else sees – a scared, angry, shell of what I could be.

In my life there are so many things that could be blamed on others. However, I am responsible for my own actions and reactions. I am the commander of my ship and even if it is infiltrated, it is up to solely me to protect my ship. I have failed in protecting my vessel from storms, strong winds and outside forces only to come out of it with tattered sails and a leaky hull. Amazingly so, I am still afloat. I have still managed to continue on my journey and not fall to the depth of the sea of nothing, never to be found again.

Sane or not, Happy or not, Confident or not; I am still me. I am still moving and trying to be better than I was yesterday. I am only what I allow myself to be. And after all the trials and triumphs I must remember, I am just a girl.


Hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time.

Allergies and Degrees

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day in bed. Aside from a horrible stomach ache, my allergies were at it again.

Growing up I was guaranteed to be knocked down by my allergies for a couple days, once a year. Now, if the temperature fluctuates just a bit I’m sneezing and resemble Roscoe from the television show Martin; nose running faster than I can grab a tissue.

Over the weekend the weather was gorgeous. It was the first real sign of Spring in Philly and everyone was out and about, enjoying the days. After the rainstorm on Tuesday, the temp dropped about 35 degrees.

Being stuck in the bed gave me an opportunity to mentally reflect on my current work, Just A Girl. It helped me remember those times when my allergies would kick my tail so bad that I missed out on some cool activities with friends and family. If my memory served me correctly, I also kept myself out of some situations that could have been detrimental to my life at the time.

So, in retrospect, I guess my allergies aren’t half bad. They forced me to take a moment and focus on something truly important, which is my next book. Also, they kept me from going out and having to endure the cold air that filtered back into the city.

I may have been uncomfortable but at least I was warm and got portions of my project done. ?

Until next time.