Stressed Lately? 5 Ways To Lower Your Stress Level

Stressed LatelyDo you get stressed out?

The answer for some would be NO. The answer for others is possibly SOMETIMES. However, the answer for many is ALL THE TIME!!!

It’s okay.

Being stressed doesn’t mean you’re a weak person. It also doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. Everyone has stress, but it’s how you deal with stress that will make the difference.

For me, stress used to control my life. When things didn’t go right I would do everything from become monstrously angry to drink uncontrollably. Each time I negatively handled stress things didn’t get better. On the contrary, things would get worse. Eventually, I got tired of being mad all time. I got irritated by always needing to be intoxicated to pretend nothing was wrong.

So how did I get to a point that I could deal with the stress of the average day-to-day? Not easily, I might say.

Lowering the stress level takes practice and a consistent want to be better. So here are a few things that worked for me and can work for you.

  • Think Positive.

This is very difficult to do but it is the most important. Anytime negativity would come into my life, I fought it with more negativity. Very counterproductive. The more you think positively, the harder it is for stress to envelope your psyche. Remaining positive in negative situations will counteract the negative emotions that usually go with said negative situation. The next time something happens that has you ready to flip your wig, look on the bright side and think positively. The situation may not change but the way you handle it changes drastically, which could lead you to a quicker solution.

  • Meditate.

Meditation works. As soon as negativity would present itself, I wouldn’t spend a millisecond thinking about anything but being angry. When things come around that have a tendency to be stressful, take a minute to yourself. Close your eyes, breath steadily and think calmly. Do this for as long as you need to keep you from throwing a fit. It helps if you bring in as many positive thoughts as possible. Allow yourself to look at the bigger picture beyond the thing that has the potential to give you stress.

  • Pray And Be Thankful

This is not about religion. This is the acknowledgement that there is something in the universe bigger than you. It is also the realization that, while things seem bad, you are alive. You are capable of dealing with what is in front of you trying to take you off your square. So often I would ignore what I had because I was angry at the things I didn’t have. All that does is hinder you. Be thankful for all that you have. It may not seem much to you but there is someone out there who may not have close to what you have. Always give thanks no matter how hard things seem.

  • Write It Out

Writing can be a very calming process. I’m not just saying that because I am a writer, but honestly, transcribing what bothers you can be very effective. Writing your thoughts and feelings while they are happening have a way of making things seem not so bad especially if you read it back to yourself. Letting your disapproval of circumstances out in a note or journal entry can drastically change your mind about what is going on. It may even seem silly after a while to have any negativity towards the issue once it’s on paper.

  • Identify Your Stress

Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Many times we stress about one thing and never realize its attachment to something else entirely. A huge stress for me was not getting enough sales of my first book, but opting to self-publish instead of using a traditional publisher was what actually bothering me. Sometimes it’s easier to get bent out of shape about what is right in front of you instead of exploring the when’s and why’s. It could take a few minutes, a few hours or a few days, but you owe it to yourself to find the root of your issue. Identification will help to deal with everything as a whole instead of in pieces.

By no means are these sure-fire ways to reduce stress. However, if you consistently use them and you’re dedicated to ridding your life of feeling like the world is coming to an end, I assure you, there will be a difference. You will feel differently and then start to think differently. Eventually, it will all be second nature and nothing or no one will be able to push your stress button.

So, are you stressed? How do you handle it? Share your answers, thoughts and questions below in the comments. I would love to hear from you.