Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’ve always been the type of person to march to the beat of my own timpani. Even when it seems like I’m walking in the same direction of the crowd, I’m always off to the side staring at something no one else seems to see. I carry this attitude in my social media dealings.

Case in point, I love using hashtags on Twitter that aren’t the norm such as #SharingIsCaring. This uniqueness was recognized by fellow writer John Krone. Not only did I receive a complement for my individuality but it was also the inspiration for his article Tweet Style.

In the article John highlights the different ways you can add a little flair to your tweets. So check it out. It’s worth reading.

30 Day Challenge: Day 21

It’s that time of the year again. The greatest time for most folks who are in love with sports. That’s right. FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!

This is the one time of the year when I may resort to physical violence if you so much as text me during a game. Calling will really get you in trouble. I’m only kidding…..or am I?

Anywho, this year I am participating in Jersey Girl Sunday sponsored by Design Her Label. It’s a movement to show the world, women aren’t just football wives and such. We are actually die-hard fans just as men are and in some cases, like myself, we root for our football teams harder than the men.

As a dedicated Eagles fan, I posed with my LeSean McCoy jersey accompanied with #JerseyGirlSunday before watching the Eagles take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Any female football fans should show your support on Sundays by wearing your jersey and posting it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #JerseyGirlSunday. I’m sure Dr. Shante Bishop of Design Her Label will appreciate the love. (Follow the links to check out her Twitter as well as website.)

The start of the football season was not a comfortable one. At first the Eagles game nearly gave me a heart attack leading into the half. But once the third quarter got underway, my team began to wake up. The amount of yelling that went on in my house was startling, especially some of the choice words I had for our quarterback Nick Foles. I wanted him benched after the second quarter.

We squeaked out a win after scoring 34 unanswered points going 1 – 0 in the first week of the season. We’ll see how the rest of this season goes. #FlyEaglesFly

By the way, you guys may hear a lot more from me sports related as I am interviewing for a sports talk website. Wish me luck.


Man, You’re Old

By hywards courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net
By hywards courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

When I was young, any time my mother didn’t know how to use anything involving the computer, me and my sisters would say, “Man, you’re old.” My dad was, and still is, a technological genius, so even if we wanted to breathe the word “old” in that regard, we couldn’t. We always had the latest gadgets in our home, so I was always ahead of the curve growing up.

Now, not so much.

My teenage daughter is constantly calling me old when I ask for her help with one site or another. Or when I am not 100% sure how a particular program works. Everything has changed since I was young and at an alarmingly fast pace too.

Over the weekend I found myself taking courses, trying to figure out certain websites that I’m not great with. It’s quite embarrassing.

I still haven’t gotten Vine down to a science with all its possibilities in a few short seconds and I don’t take photos enough to use Instagram. Pinterest reminds me of a cork board with way too many ideas going on and using LinkedIn makes me feel like an outcast trying to be a part of the in crowd. YouTube videos are fun to watch but uploading them is a pain in the neck when the audio and video don’t sync up right. Blogger has too few gadgets while WordPress has too many and I’m never sure of which ones will work perfectly for my style.

Those aren’t the only popular sites I struggle with getting the hang of either. Seriously, do you know how long it took me to get used to Twitter and its 140 characters, hashtags and trends?!

Sadly, these and others are sites I need for work. They tend to leave me confused and with a headache if I stay on too long. Having to go from one site to another to generate buzz and network with fellow literary folk has me cross-eyed most days.

Regardless of all the websites, gadgets and programs, I will get back ahead of the curve. Not just for work purposes, but also because I loved when people came to me with tech questions and I could give them more than the DUH look.

Besides, anything is better than hassling my teen and hearing, “Man, you’re old.”

Until next time.

Well, I Am Just a Girl

Writing my latest book, Just A Girl, has been extremely rewarding. I have taken trips down memory lane, which is amazing. You never know how many things you’ve forgotten until you try to remember.

My memory lane journey has taken me through childhood and the beloved teen years to adulthood. There were so many doors to walk through that it was hard to decide which memories I wanted to relive first. So many affected my life in different ways and made me the woman I am today.

The greatest remembrance was of my grandmother’s garden. She passed away when I was 16 years old and I’ve missed her ever since. She tended to one of the community gardens here in Philadelphia which won numerous awards and earned her a spot at the Philadelphia Flower Show every year. I accredit my love of flowers to her with the fitting name, Daisy. You can learn more about her in the book.

Another great reflection was that of family vacations. Now, my family and I aren’t super close these days, but one of the things I cherish most are those vacations. Every year we went to Virginia Beach except for one year when we went to Myrtle Beach. Each morning I would awaken early to go out on the balcony and watch the dolphins as the sun rose; an incredible sight for a child. It was also great to roam the boardwalk looking for t-shirts and trinkets to take home. More about the vacations in the book as well.

Aside from these two powerful memories there are so many others that forged who I am. Some have built me up and others have had the power to break me down. However, I am thankful for each of them. After all, I am just a girl.

What subjects do you look forward to reading about?

Each day I share a quote or two from the book via Twitter with #JustAGirl at the end of each. Follow the conversation.

Mentor Wanted

by nokhoog buchachon

Image Courtesy of nokhoog_buchachon/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Over the past few years, I have gone at my writing career alone. This could be because of the self-consciousness of my work. It could also be because I can be a bit shy around those I am not well acquainted with.

In this business, however, no one prospers by being shy or keeping their work stored away on a flash drive for their eyes only. You must mingle with your international colleagues and show as much work as you can to gain validity.

Ever since my hospital scare, I have re-evaluated how I run my writing career. Many days, I sit and think of ways to make things bigger and better for myself and those around me.

I came to a stunning realization – I NEED A MENTOR. Seriously.

I mean, I know I have done my literary thing for a long time, but the best way to really understand what you are doing is to have someone hold your hand. Or at least put the boot to your tail when you’re too scared to be yourself.

Everyone that is anyone had someone who was willing to put their hand out and guide them, whether a little or a lot. I am not asking for much. Just someone I can bounce ideas off as well as a person I can learn from because I know I do not have all the answers.

So, this is my shameless plea to any writer who would be willing to help me continue to learn the ropes. The pay is horribly nothing and the client can be a bit of a pest. However, there is a possibility to be a part of something great and maybe make a lifelong friend.

You can find me across social media but your best bet is Facebook or Twitter.  Or you can just leave me a message in the comments section.

If you’re out there, and I hope you accept, I’m ready if you are. 😀