Oh What A World

The struggles we face today are more trivial than those before

Education is failing, the economy is ailing and we’re still at war

It once took a village to raise a child

Now we leave them be and let them run wild

There were marches so that everything would be fair

If there is an injustice now, no one seems to care

Everyone is more concerned with their own situations

But we talk about what the next person doesn’t have in general conversation

What happened to one world, one voice

So many stuck in poverty, without any real choice

We hate each other for differences unknown

In reality the hatred for self has grown

Are we so content with the cards that are dealt

That we ignore other’s call for help

Maybe we all should give up and let ignorance run its course

Or we could find and hinder the source

At some point, someone is going to have to speak out

A ray of sun needs to shine on our doubt

Stop being satisfied with things being good enough

We must show resolve and that we were bred tough

Something has to happen but I am only one girl

But I sit back in silence and cry, “Oh what a world”


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