I first want to thank all those who gave their input and words of encouragement when it comes to this 300 challenge.

For those who do not know I tried a 300 blogs in 20 days challenge last year when my blog was housed on a different site. I didn’t make the number and was a little defeated after the fact. The challenge, however, taught me a lot about myself and my writing. It helped me re-evaluate myself and what I really wanted to do writing wise.

I feel I was in too deep with last years’ attempt and ultimately failed.

2010 has been a year of reflection and planning. I have been maticulously creating how I would like to show myself as much as possible. So I thought to myself, “It’s the end of the year, how can I end it out?”

Since poetry is my first love of writing and I’ve been giving off some verses, what better way to end out this year in my career. So with 20 days left in the year I’m going to try for 300 poems.

The number 300 is mainly a challenge for me personally. All in all, I want to create as many poems of quality as possible. Whether I only accomplish 3, 30 or 300, all will come from the place in which I tap into my soul to bring you verses.

Like I said, this is a personal challenge. But I appreciate that all of you are rooting for me to get to my quest of 300 poems to end out the year.

The poem challenge you will NOT be able to find in the ‘Deep Within’ section where poems are normally found. For the remainder of the challenge all poems will be found in a new section which will be titled, “Quest For 300”.

Be on the look out ‘cuz this is going to be fun to watch.