My Worries

I have three daughters and a son

And raising them has always bothered me some

Not because I can’t provide

Or give them their needs like a place to reside

No, its being a mom alone in this world

Did you hear what I said? I have three girls

My son used to scare me the most of all

Thinking he wouldn’t be a man and all

But reality hit me the other day

Its my daughters I have to make sure are okay

I have to teach them to hold their heads high

To depend on no one, especially a guy

That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take suggestion

And know they can come to me, no question

To know people will sometimes let you down

And make sure they keep loyal friends around

It’s okay if they aren’t popular and cool

if it will jeopardize their learning and school

For them to know self respect and love

To be strong in faith for Allah whom is above

To be a totally confidant woman

And be the completion of the right man

I think I’ll be okay, don’t really know what I’m worried about

But dang if I don’t have my work cut out.


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