Blood boiling to the point of overflow

Face so red there’s an eerie glow

Tried to sleep it off and dreamed about it

So frustrated and pissed about it

Haven’t been this mad in years

To the extent of raging tears

Feeling like any moment will bring a loss of control

Shaking so bad it rocks the soul

Fists clenched so tight the nails puncture skin

Patience so small its paper-thin

Hair being pulled from the roots in madness

Knowing the force of anger brings pain and sadness

Transforming into the goddess of war

Planning to leave nothing but obscene gore

Onlookers may wanna take a hike

Countdown has begun and prepared to strike

Ready to cause destruction and devastation

Bystanders are suggested to make an evacuation

Target is locked on and set to fatality

No need for innocent casualties

Totally focused on the prey

But will destroy anything in the way

No calm or rest until the deed is done

They always say be wary of a sleeping dragon


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