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On the outside I’m the sanest person you can ever meet

Proud Muslim, mother, writer, gamer

opinionated part-time comedian

Love life, love love

On the inside I’m the craziest person you could ever meet

Voices hearing, bipolar, angry bitch

wrath filled traumatized soul

Hate people, hate life

On the outside I’m the sweetest person you could ever meet

Advisor, lover, dreamer

empathetic by nature

On the inside I’m the scariest person you could ever meet

ferocious, insane, suicidal

emotionally unstable ticking time bomb

And when the outside and inside collide

a catastrophic meltdown creating a black hole

The outside has more control

But the inside is gaining ground

Figuring if I should stay around

The conflict is going to kill me

If I don’t get rid of the insanity

I just keep writing on the outside when I feel the pain

When my senses inside are calling for rain


For more poetry and prose, check out The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: The Struggles of Being Bipolar


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