My Oldest Little Grown Person

There are four awesome little grown people in my house. They are my blessings from Allah, my children. All of them supports me in everything I do, especially my oldest Imani.

Imani is my 12-year-old advisor. From when she was little she pondered the world and everything in it. Exploring different talents from learning unique ways to express herself is how she manages life. She speaks to me with logic and wisdom that always gets us debating all kinds of things, not exceeding her boundaries.

My daughter’s gift to remind me of my goals and their importance is the reason I was so proud to witness her talents flow this past Thursday evening.

Conwell Middle School’s Spring Show was filled with the performing arts. An orchestra, handbell choir, dance group, and choir were on the program. Imani was listed in each group, playing percussion in the orchestra and even doing a solo part for the choir’s rendition of “Heal The World”. I knew what she was capable of but I had never been able to make it to her performances in the past.

Thankfully I have two wonderful parents who make sure she is at rehearsals, mostly because my mother, Renee’ A. Singletary is the conductor for 2 out of 4 groups. 😉

It meant so much to be there to support her in all her efforts as a performer, which is only part of her hopes, dreams and aspirations. And honestly I know it meant a lot to her for me to be there instead of working or other responsibilities.

Imani is one of four reasons why I strive so much with my writing. Not for the money, not for the popularity; but for the legacy that I leave my children. If I chase my dreams down and fight to make them reality, than I will be setting an example for them to do the same.

Thursday evening Imani inspired me so much with all of her musical talent. This morning she was showing me fashion sketches. Her imagination makes me smile and just makes me want to write.

This is why I am writing about my highly creative daughter. She visits my site all the time and tells everyone she meets about her mother the writer. So I am letting all of you and her know, how proud and inspired I am by my oldest little grown person.

She keeps me on my toes. She challenges me. She makes me wanna pull out my hair(typical pre-teen), but she comes back to reality quickly. 😀 She makes me want to do more. She is my learning experience being the oldest. Her creativity pushes my creativity. I want her to always strive for everything she wants in life.

To Imani C.: I am always behind you – as your mother, your advisor, your therapist, your shoulder, your rock. Oh, and your future manager cuz you gonna be huge, I can see it. lol. I love you endlessly.

Peace & Blessings