Gone Away

Out of my life

moved on to another

I know

the page has turned

the chapter is over

You left me with

a small thought remains

and I suffer from

those who have

gone away

See you weren’t the first

that wasn’t satisfied

with what they had

They had to go bye-bye

and I’m stuck

regrettin’ and makin’ excuses

for why it didn’t work

Get my cries out

and move on confidently

but the more that have

gone away

It’s not the amount

but the severity of them leaving

Keep me in the dark

and when the truth comes to light

I get to watch those who have

gone away

Live new lives

while I ask why

I even try

My confidence wears thin

but for those who have

gone away

Your memory will not define

my outlook on love

on life

The reality that you weren’t meant

for me

I’m meant for he

who connects

with me

The errors of the past

won’t haunt me

their memory is

gone away


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