In My Little Room

In my little room

sits a little chair

A little comb on the table

to straighten my little hair

A little desk with paper

A little quill for design

I like to draw little pictures

It helps to pass the time

A little window

that allows a little breeze

I like to gaze out of it

and stare at the big trees

There is a little cot

to rest my little head

A little mouse in the corner

I think he’s a little dead

There’s a little dresser

with pretty little clothes

I have little sandals

to show off my little toes

A little hanging mirror

where I can stare at my little eyes

I can see the little door in the reflection

so no one can sneak in for a little surprise

I have a little broom

to tidy the little floor

I have all I need in my little room

Why would I want anything more

A little clock on the wall

The little hand on 9

It may not be much to you

 But it’s all little-ly mine


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