The Morning of May 18th

The day was gorgeous. Sun shining beautifully through the trees, flowers bloomed all around, and the birds were chirping ever so sweetly.

It was the perfect kind of day to sit outside and work on my novel. The deadline was quickly approaching and I was only on Chapter 7. 

I brought my fold up lawn chair out on the front steps. I also brought out a glass of juice and sat it next to my chair and my phone I placed strategically by the door. Finally I sat down and put my notebook on my lap.

Today I was going to finish the rough draft. I could feel it in my fingers.

My pen began to paint a picture of the rural town the run-away was traveling through. As I described the tall white bell tower Dom walked up, startling me so much I dropped my pen.

“My bad Cam. Am I bothering you?”

“Nah. I was just getting started. So what’s up,” I said after picking my pen and continuing to write.

“Did Rell come over here last night?”

“Yep.” I didn’t even attempt to look up.

“See. I told him it wasn’t that deep.”

“So what happened?”

“Me and Mel got into it, she pulled out a knife, Rell and Sharif got in it……,”his voice trailed off.

I looked up at him, “Did you hit her?”

Sitting on the step, he hesitated before saying, “No. Well, not really.”

“You either hit her or you didn’t.” I put my pen down and sat up straighter, listening intently.

“See. We were wrestling wit each other cuz she had grabbed my phone,” he began, “I accidently hit her in the face. That’s when she just flew off the handle and ran out the room. Before I knew it Sharif was yelling about her having a knife and Rell was fighting with her to get it.”

“You didn’t say anything to Rell about kicking her out? I mean, she shouldn’t have got the knife but you did hit her. Maybe…”

Dom cut in, “No Cam. She’s always like this. Getting jealous and wanting to look through my phone. Grabbing knives or throwing shit at me.”

“Did you at least apologize for hitting her? And why are you with her if ya’ll go through this? It so couldn’t be me,” I said matter-of-factly.

I had placed my book down at this point. I was asking more questions and Dom wasn’t providing any real answers.

He sat staring at a squirrel that seemed to be looking for food.

“We’re not really together,” he said after some moments had passed.

The silence and perplexed look on my face must have tipped him off to elaborate.

“Melanie just stays with me cuz she don’t really have nobody.”

“You at least used to be together, right?”

 “Yeah,” he slowly said, twiddling his thumbs a bit.

 “And don’t ya’ll sleep in the same bed?”

“Yeah but,”

“And don’t you two still have sex?”

“Yeah, but,” He was getting flustered.

“So technically, you live and lay with a chick you don’t want to be with. That makes a whole lot of sense,” I sarcastically blurted out.

“She lives with me though.”

“Hold up,” I said getting up and retreating to the house. I had to walk away from the conversation for a second. Grabbing a cigarette from off my coffee table, I lit it and walked back outside.

Exhaling the smoke, I said, “So you don’t want her there with you anymore?”

“No. Not really.”

“Does she at least help pay bills? Does she have the finances to move out?”

“She pays half of everything.”

My eyebrow rose. “Wait. If she pays half, and I’m assuming you pay the other half. What the heck does Rell pay for?”

Dom totally avoided the question. “I’m gonna get her away from me somehow.”

“Do you want me to talk to her? See where her head is?”

“NO! I mean, Nah. She’s fuckin’ hard headed and don’t listen to no one.”

“I can at least try. No need for this kind of madness to be going on.”

“Well. That’s on you. But I’m warning you, it’ll blow up in your face.”

“Really?” I said sarcastically, “How is talking to a person gonna blow up in my face?”

“You don’t know Mel like I do.”

“Well someone should talk to her. She’s got a bunch of guys hanging around with no female perspective. That might just be what she needs. I really don’t mind.”

“I guess,” Dom replied getting up, “I’ll let you get back to work.”

“Okay. I’ll talk to you later.”

I watched Dom as he headed down the rest of my steps to the pathway. Then it dawned to me, “Hey Dom.”

He stopped and turned around with a head gesture.

“Why did Rell tell me you didn’t do anything if you actually did hit her?”

“Knowing him, he probably wanted you to get mad and whoop her ass, since he don’t like to hit girls.”

I laughed, “I’m not just gonna randomly fight a person for no real reason. I’m too old for that.”

“Cam, you’re like 26,” he smirked.

“Yeah, but that’s high school stuff. Simple he said, she said drama. Those days are long gone for me.”

“I can dig it. You hanging out later on?”

“If I finish my work for the day, I’ll be out.”

Dom turned and continued walking. I just sat and watched until he disappeared into the house. The whole situation was missing several pieces. Hopefully I could help him and Mel before things get way worse.

The twitching in my fingers started up again and I immediately picked my book and pen back up. It was time to finish the description of the fictional town my character was in.

As the birds flew from tree to tree, singing softly, I wrote.