So Angry For So Long

I’ve been so angry for so long

It’s hard to sing a joyous song

And the anger makes me do wrong

But it’s too late, my opportunities are gone

I’ve been so angry for so many years

It latches on, magnifies my fears

And since I could never switch gears

I lost people who were very dear

I’ve been so angry for as long as I can remember

I only just realized it this past December

And if I wasn’t, any team would want me to be a member

Now when I try to love, it gets returned to sender

I’ve been so angry for the better part of my life

Its how I handled mental strife

My temper can cut as deep as a knife

But now its jeopardized me becoming a wife

I’ve been so angry it makes me wanna cry

‘Cuz I know I’ll never get a slice of the pie

And no matter how hard I try

My anger is gonna keep me alone ’til the day I die

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