Three Stages

Photo by digitalart

Being a writer is something I have dreamt about since I was old enough to form sentences. I wanted to command the attention of an audience and take them where ever I wanted them to go. There would be worlds created just for the enjoyment of those who read my work.

As a child, I would take stacks of my dad’s computer paper and create stories about the things and people I knew, recreating the relationships and settings. I would even draw my own cover for the book in progress. There was nothing I wanted more than to be an author.

As a teenager, I found that I had a strong love for poetry. I craved the way I was able to pour my emotions into a few stanzas and verses. The special notebooks I would buy with the money I saved for my poetry stayed hidden from the world. I wanted nothing more than to be a poet.

As an adult, I began to realize my vast love for words, through stories, poems, articles, etc. I reveled at the thought of being able to share my words in any form and reach as many people as I could. Being a prolific writer became my ultimate goal.

Each stage in my life has offered me different views on writing. Categorizing me has never been something I like to do. I never say I’m a poet – even though I am. Or I never say I’m a story teller – even though I technically am. I just let people know I’m a writer.

And when they ask me, “Well, what do you write?”

I simply tell them I write everything. From creative to business writing, I work with words in whatever aspect I can put them together.