Writing For Others

When you call yourself a writer sometimes you’ll end up writing/working for others. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because it can come with a lot of rewards.

The rewards can include but are not limited to, monetary gain, professional gain, and educational gain. These things can go a long way if implemented positively.

However, writing/working for others can also have setbacks. Such as the person in which you are working for is unorganized or wants more from you than they originally asked for.

All in all, writing for someone else can effect you positively and/or negatively. It is up to you, though, which it will actually be. A positive situation can turn into a negative one if you take the wrong steps.

Here’s my advice, if you plan on working/writing for others make a clear guideline. Set rules and standards with them so no one can cross boundaries. Also, don’t think just because a person is paying you, they can do and/or say whatever to you (That is furthest from the truth). Never allow a project to take up more time than your own endeavors. And by all means, never feel that you have to continue a project if you feel at all uncomfortable with it.

This is not by far a guideline to working with others but it is a short and to the point message of advice. Heed my words and you should be just fine. Oh, and by the way, don’t take what I am saying to heart. Be confident in making your own decisions when writing for people. It can actually be quite enjoyable.

‘Til next time.

Peace & Blessings