New Year. New Look. New Possibilities.

New Year.

The new year is in full swing and there is nothing but work to do. Of course, I’m not upset about that because it keeps me totally occupied.

Now unlike everyone else, I haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution. Why? Because frankly I think it’s a waste.

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t wait until the beginning of the year to make promises to yourself that you may or may not keep. Change occurs all year ’round and should not be left until a new year comes in.

I fight all year to become bigger, better and happier with my work and all the above. So call me a kill joy, but I’m just winging it.

New Look.

I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that the site looks nothing like it did the last time you were here. I’ve spent the last week tweaking and tinkering with this site, as well as the other sites that I run. It’s been a very tedious process, but I’m happy the technical stuff is over.

I caught myself yanking out hairs at certain points but I made it through. My hopes are that the new look will inspire new things.

New Possibilities.

That brings me to the possibilities that I’ve been open to as of lately. They are absolutely endless and intriguing. It’s easy to stay in a comfort zone of sorts. However, its amazing when you step out of the bubble and allow yourself to experience avenues that you never thought you would travel.

There have been many learning experiences and challenges that have opened my eyes to new things that, of course, I plan on sharing with you, the readers.

I know I’m being rather vague, but it’s only because there are many things in the works that are not set in stone yet. And besides, I wouldn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up just yet.

All in all, it’s a new time for new things and I just hope that everyone out there is using this time positively and productively.


Until next time,