Climbing To The Top

Reaching the top of any mountain involves a lot of effort. Just like mountain climbing, you must display patience and persistence to reach the pinnacle of any goal.

Recently, I stated that I wanted I Mean, Really Dude to reach 10,000 views by the end of January. At the time the number of views that IMRD had acquired was a tad under 6,000.

As of today, I Mean, Really Dude has reached a modest 7,022 views all-time. Granted, it’s not 10,000, but it is a grand accomplishment.

Am I a little upset I didn’t get to the mountaintop of ten thousand views? Sort of, but honestly I’m more concerned about the fact that I was able to do two things in the month of January.

1. I Mean, Really Dude received more views in a month than I have received on this site in its total life span.


2. The amount of posts put up in January was the exact equivalent to the amount of posts I put up all last year for I Mean, Really Dude – 42.

These two things show the potential growth of a site that was created as a joke as a way for me to air out how I feel about the world’s shenanigans. Never did I think it would get to the point that I would actually add I Mean, Really Dude to my writing work schedule.

Climbing to the top of this mountain may take some time, but it is well worth the effort. I can only hope that in the upcoming months I Mean, Really Dude can continue to rise up the viewership ranks and become an often visited place on the web.

And when I do reach 10,000 all-time page views, you all will be the first to know.

Until then.

Peace & Blessings