Heads Cut Off of Chickens

When people tend to be all over the place, they say, “…like a chicken with my head cut off.” Me, I cannot begin to use this cliché to describe the amount of work that goes into being TrinaLynne.

One thing I have realized is that I am not prioritizing the important things in life and in my career. I kind of just go with the flow of the day. However, in going with the flow of the day I do not get half of the things accomplished that I intend. This makes me seem like I am not being honest with my readers nor myself.

Being completely truthful, each day I set aside what needs to be done. I have post-it notes all over my computer as well as a white board; and I try to finish each task. Yet, as the day progresses and things in my personal life arise, I find my list getting longer instead of shorter.

Today, I decided that I would just spend time on my career. I locked the computer room door and commenced to doing things that benefited my career.

Most of the day consisted of research, considering I am behind on many articles that need to be written; not now but right now. The other part of my day has consisted of learning my craft and getting better acquainted with the programs and websites that I use regularly. You can never know too much – right?

Long story short, being a chicken with my head cut off is NOT ideal for me. It just means I’m running around with no direction. I mean, really. Who wants to do that?