What Have You Done Today

by sheelamohanWhen the days pass by, most people feel they have all the time in the world to get things done. They say, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” or “There’s always another day”.

Sound familiar?

Have you ever thought, however, that tomorrow may never come? Probably not. Most people choose not to think about life in such a way.

Last week, I saw my life flash before my eyes. Literally.

The day started normally. I talked to my children for a while and then prepared to begin work. As soon as I was ready to head to the computer, I felt a tingling pain. Thinking nothing serious, I took an Advil and tried to continue my day.

As time progressed, the pain became increasingly worse and pain medication was doing nothing to ease my discomfort. After many hours, and pleas from my family, I proceeded to the hospital.

Upon arrival, my body writhed in pain and chills ran through me. My temperature was shooting through the roof. Nurses came to rush me to the back. Shaking uncontrollably, I was given a shot of pain medication to soothe me.

Long story short, the doctors informed me that I had made it just in time for them to save, not only my kidney which was failing, but save my life as well. It was a rude awakening.

Throughout my hospital stay, so many elements threatened my existence: too high temperature, too low blood pressure,  dropping heart rate.

Sitting in my hospital bed I wrote these words: When I found myself upon death’s doorstep, the door locked, I proceeded back to the fork in the road and chose to go right.

While I tried to look at my situation as a means to rest, I also realized that today is all that matters and there may not be a tomorrow. It was tremendously scary and it forced me to take inventory on my life.

What have I done in my 30 years? What legacy would I leave my children? When will I stop being afraid of the world and just live? Why had I not tried harder to carry out my goals?

These are things everyone should ask themselves. You never know when life will be over. You may not get another chance to write that book, give that speech, help that cause or be that person you have always wanted to be.

No one lives forever, but while you’re here make the most of every second, every minute, every hour.

So, what have you done today? The last thing you want to do with your final breath is regret.

Until next time.


Image courtesy of sheelamohan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net