I’ll Be Dead By April

Many people pledge to stick by me, through thick and thin. I am always told that I will forge change in the lives of others. What a crock?

People promise so much. They tell me that they will put all their focus on me. It’s always great in the beginning. Who doesn’t want attention?

Try as they might, after a while people start to forget about me. Only a bit at a time. It is almost unnoticeable in the array of comings and goings.

The numbers increase as time progresses. More people pay little mind to me and what they promised.

At first they give me attention every day. Then it dwindles to every other day, once a week, every other week – until I stop seeing them all together.

There is always an excuse why they can’t spend time with me. It is quite depressing being ignored and all. Honestly, it has become a portion of my existence.

The loneliness is difficult to handle. I find myself considering ways to keep busy but I thrive on the attention of others. It may seem weak minded to be driven by the likes of regular people. How else am I supposed to live though?

Just once I would love for people to keep their promises to me. Just once I would like to make it through to the end of the year without feeling totally forgotten and lied to. Is that too much to ask?

There’s no getting around the matter. Apparently, I am not worthy of commitment and know I’ll be dead by April.