On a Side Note

Writing can be so rewarding in many ways. It can give information, tell a story or allow a person a bit of release. All forms are fulfilling to the writer.

In my case, I write for many reasons. One of those reasons is that I have been through more than many 30 year olds I know. Writing IS a release for me, whether it be a good or bad release.

The problem with that is I am a very private person. There is always a conflict within myself whether I want to share my work or keep it to myself. While I wish to be prolific, to reach that plane I must divulge many of the secrets I’ve held for many years.

It is easier to create a story that has no attachment to myself. However, I have found that to truly show my talent for writing, I have to be willing to give some of myself. Which is so much easier said than done.

Each day I fight to be open with my readers as well as being honest with myself. It is a struggle and I feel like I am failing sometimes. But I am aware that as long as I continue talking, eventually I will say the thing that someone else may need to hear.

No lesson can be learned by bottling things up. Only when you are truly honest with yourself, will you break free of the chains of the past.