Sneaking Out

Today I snuck out of bed against the wishes of my nurse, children and significant other. I just had to get some work done and I hate to disappoint clients.

All day I worked on one of the many novels awaiting my edits. For the most part, I felt no pain as I sat glued to my computer chair. Fighting off exhaustion, I perused through page after page of a story I have little interest in but am obligated to read for work purposes.

It’s not unlikely for me to deal with genres I do not necessarily write or read. My purpose as an editor is to make sure the story flows well and is attractive to its audience. It is sometimes, however, rather tiring.

After hours sitting at the computer my body had had enough. It was tired of being in a position other than lying down regardless of my lax posture. I just could not spend another day in bed when I have so much work to do.

At this point, I am paying for being hard-headed. My body is sore and my brain has given up completely. As I write this post, I am back in my bed forced to lay on my side due to the nephrostamy tube jutting from my back.

While I may be utterly exhausted and feeling twinges of pain rushing through my back, I can’t help but smile. After weeks of being stuck in bed I got some work done and truth be told, regardless of how I feel physically, I feel amazing mentally.

Who knows how I will feel tomorrow, but today I’m proud I accomplished something that didn’t consist of lying around.

Until next time.