30 Day Challenge: Day 16

Well it’s the 16th day of my challenge and the first day of school for 3 out of 4 of my little grown people. It’s the second year of home school for them and everyone is excited.

The first year took some getting used to for them and me. It’s so much more advanced than their old brick and mortar school, so the curriculum took us by storm. My decision was made due to the decline in the Philadelphia School System and trust me when I say it was a great choice.

We were a bit slow catching on to the home system considering I had to make major alterations with my work schedule. However, this being our second year, we all were ready. We all got up early and were prepared for a busy day.

After spending the day in orientation my little people were beat. Each of them passed out with an early night’s sleep. With all the quiet, I caught up on some work. But after some time I found myself dozing off with my fingers still on the keyboard. After such a long day I chose to call it quits to get a fresh start in the morning.