2500 or Bust

Now that all my medical issues are over I have been slowly getting back into a rhythm with writing and my other literary duties. It’s a steady incline of work that I can be truly proud of.

Just A Girl, as you know, is the book I had worked on before I became ill earlier this year. Unfortunately, I had to take time off from it but that time has given me a new perspective on the message I would like to convey.

Today I woke up and told myself that I wanted to write 2500 words.

Now, for those who know me, you’re probably asking yourself why I would try for such a word count on football Sunday. Don’t be confused. I have NFL Red Zone playing and the Eagles don’t get into action until 4:30. So I’m good.

My major focus today is to try to add some words to the manuscript that has sat for the past few months. I’m excited about it. Just slow and steady on to my literary dreams. This should be interesting.

I’ll be sure to update the blog tonight so that you all know if I made my word count and if not, how many words I was actually able to carry out.

Stay tuned!!!