How Can I Be Of Service?

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For several years now I have lent my literary expertise to those who truly need it. Oftentimes I did this work at no cost but I had some pretty cool paying gigs as well. I’ve dealt with established and aspiring writers in many different genre both fiction and non-fiction.

Being able to lend a hand to the literary community is something that excites me and fills me with such joy. I always take time, regardless of my literary dreams, to help other writers see their goals come to fruition. Whether it’s advice on what to do with their writing, reading over a piece for a competition or full editing services for a manuscript; I am always available for any type of writer.

While most of my clients came through third-party sites and word of mouth from friends, there is now a way for every writer to receive my literary services. No matter the genre, I am willing to help you (there is one exception).

The first 12 clients to receive these new services will get 50% off and, regardless of service required, they will get FREE placement (normally $10/month) on the Ambitious Endeavors website which includes :

Author Break Down (name/pseudonym, genre, 500 word bio)

Link to ALL Blogs & Websites Affiliated w/ Author

Link to ALL Social Media Sites

Link and Cover to ALL Literary Works

Author Calendar (Dates & Locations of Appearances)

Let Trina Lynne and Ambitious Endeavors be your go to for all your¬†literary services. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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