First Day of Cool

Affirmation Board
Affirmation Board

Here in Philadelphia it is the first day of school, whether in a traditional brick and mortar or in the new wave of cyber schools. This is the day that parents wait for with bated breath. Children, however, dread it as soon as the “Back To School” commercials begin.

For me, as a home school mom, the feelings are different. I don’t get the joy of hours to myself like the traditional school allows. Yet, I do get something that many parents miss – learning experiences with my children.

It’s not to say that parents of children in school buildings don’t get to have learning moments with their kids. What I am saying is, the amount of work that goes into homeschooling a child, let alone multiple children, is a skill that needs to be quickly learned and you find yourself going to school with them, in a sense.

Parents of cyber students have to get their kids super pumped to start the school year, especially considering they don’t leave the house for their studies. It could pose a threat of children slacking off and not realizing the amount of hard work that goes into home school.

On the other hand, school-house children get to re-connect with old friends face-to-face. It helps with your child’s people skills. However, this could pose a problem if the child(ren) run with a disruptive crowd (though we would hope that’s not the case!).

Regardless, we parents need to take away the dread of the new school year and add a little coolness to the process. Children need to know that everyone is working together for the betterment of the retention of knowledge. Simply put: Education is a family affair.

Here’s a few things to remember for a successful year:

  • Meet each school day with smiles and encouragement.
  • Start being involved immediately and never waver (know the teachers, stay up-to-date with correspondence, etc.).
  • Know and understand what is going on within your child(ren)’s curriculum.
  • Don’t wait until it is too late to get your child(ren) extra help if needed.
  • Incorporate your child(ren)’s school work into your work schedule, whether you work from home or outside the home.
  • Have a nightly/weekly meeting with your child(ren) to discuss issues, concerns, achievements, etc.

and most importantly


All these things should help you and your child(ren) excel and be well on your way to the days of cool. Peace be with you and good luck in the new school year.