I want to hear, “you’re beautiful” sometimes

Because I know I am

Inside and Out

But it’s a selfish desire

To want you to say it

See, I believe I’m a goddess 

Perfect in every movement

Flawless with every word

Pristine in appearances

But within lies a secret

Of what I hear in my head

you’re a fraud

you’re built funny 

you’re dumb

you’re not really attractive

Too many variations

Of insults and disrespectful vernacular 

Said in whispers

When no one’s around

I need to hear, “you’re beautiful” sometimes

Because I know I am

In personal and business life

But it’s a selfish desire

To want you to know it

See, I have a nurturing spirit

Loves with all my heart

Full of great ideas

So much potential 

But within are the lies

Of what I tell myself

you’re a bad mother

you’re horrible at relationships

you’re a failed entrepreneur

you’re not that bright

Massive insecurities

Bred by years of trauma

Done in shadows

When no one’s watching

I must tell myself, “you’re beautiful” sometimes 

Because I know I am 

Through good and bad 

But it’s a selfish desire

To want you to care

See, I am self-aware

The negative self talk

Mediocre self-image

Totally self-conscious 

Cuz within I know the truth 

Of who I really am

you’re gifted

you’re what people need

you’re headed for greatness

you’re not really incapable

Stand with confidence

In spite of my pain

Held to the light

When no one’s to blame

I’m beautiful 

I know I am 

From here to the end of time

And it’s a selfless desire

To want you to be beautiful 

See, I’ve been through enough

Life has its disappointments 

On the verge of giving up

Cast doubt aside

Cuz I know the reality

Of what you need to hear

you’re smart

you’re unique

you’re beautiful

you’re not really lost

A guiding message

Of life and love

Spread your wings

There’s no one to stop you

Keep It To Yourself, Please???

I am a firm believer in getting things out…especially when it makes for a good story.

I love it when a writer takes readers on a journey from beginning to end.

The twists, turns, ups, and downs of a good story excite me, even when the tale is a complete work of nonfiction. You can never underestimate the power of a good story.

But what if you keep it all to yourself? What if you go through life remaining silent and opt not to share your stories with the rest of the world.

What’s the worst thing that could happen, right?

Keeping it to yourself means:

  • You DON’T share your expertise with the world
  • You WON’T help others by sharing your story
  • You CAN’T find people like you with similar trials/tribulations
  • You SHAN’T find peace and clarity for yourself


It may seem like I’m being a bit overdramatic, but these are the truths of keeping it to yourself. No one wins with your silence, not even YOU.

Now, what if you don’t want to keep it to yourself? What if something inside is holding you back?

You may think:

  • “No one wants to hear what I have to say”
  • “I don’t want to “offend” anyone with my story”
  • “I don’t know where to start or what to write”
  • “Who cares about what I think?”

Or one of the other many excuses I hear from people each day.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

I used to have these same thoughts. I would torture myself with negativity and stayed silent for a very long time because of it.

But you know what? I knew I wanted to help people and I knew I couldn’t effectively do so by keeping it to myself.

I realized two important things.

One – none of these statements were true.

Two – statements such as these held no weight against my need to want to help people.


So I decided to quiet the negative voices and write to my heart’s content.

And it can be the same for you.

Don’t allow negative thoughts or feelings to force you to keep it to yourself.

If you are anything like me and would like to:

  • Help others reach their potential
  • Reach your audience in profound ways
  • Be an influence to others
  • Increase your notoriety and profits

You have to STOP keeping it all to yourself and START believing in YOUR VOICE.

And you don’t have to be a super writer in order to share your thoughts through books, articles, blog posts, etc.

All you have to do is sit down and write.

Be confident in who you are and what you have to say. 

Get the right guidance from someone who can see who you are and nudge you in the right direction. Trust me: A little guidance always goes a long way.

The world needs to hear from you.

Just out of curiosity, are you ready to write your story? Or do you feel like you need more confidence in doing so?

I would love to hear what you’re thinking.

Need more encouragement? Check out this video.

New Year, New Mindset, New Possibilities

The new year usually forces everyone to look over their lives. Sometimes people loath what they reflect on and other times they smile at what they have accomplished in the previous year. I, personally, applaud my growth in 2017 and I’m super excited for 2018.

New Year’s Goals

If you follow me on FaceBook or Twitter, you know that I am doing a lot of stuff. The new year is filled with the awesomeness that I cannot wait to share with you.

Ambitious Endeavors

As you know, Ambitious Endeavors is the website I use for my writing and entrepreneurial clients. This site houses my coaching, as well as articles to assist women writers & entrepreneurs in their quest to become amazing writers. I am happy to announce that Ambitious Endeavors is taking on guest posts and is beefed up with loads of information to continue to help women writers & entrepreneurs blossom.

There will also be some additions to the site to give readers more of what they need, such as:

  • New Coaching types to assist a more diverse amount of writers & entrepreneurs
  • An assortment of live and pre-recorded courses for writers & entrepreneurs to learn or enhance skills
  • Videos for visual aid and assistance

These are just a few new additions and I will announce more as the year goes on.

New Book

In 2018, I am working on my new book, Journey to the Sky: If the Sky is the Limit, Why Are You Still on the Ground. If you notice, the name of the book is the title and motto of this website. From the advice of an amazing coach, Karin Roest, I decided that writing a book that combined advice to women writers & entrepreneurs with personal stories of my journey was the best thing for me and my audience.

The prospective release for Journey to the Sky is between May and September, depending on its completion. In order to stay on schedule, I have formed a Book Development Team. This team will assist me in completing the book, as well as helping with the word-of-mouth marketing. If you would like a spot on the team, please click here.


Speaking Engagements

I am now available for speaking engagements. For so long, I was deathly afraid of speaking in public due to having massive stage fright. But I realized, the best way to get my message out there is to push past my fear and go for the gusto. Besides, speaking gives me a brand new type of audience to touch and help get where they want to be in their writing and careers.

My first speaking engagement is in February and I couldn’t be more excited. If you have an event and need a speaker, please contact me with the details.

Group Involvement

I have formed two amazing groups. One was started a few years back and had to be revamped in 2017 and the other was created in November of last year.

Ambitious Endeavors: Support Group for Women Writer & Entrepreneurs

The Ambitious Endeavors Support Group is a FaceBook group with women of all different ages, backgrounds, abilities, and locations. The purpose of the group is for women writers & entrepreneurs to feel comfortable about where they are in their careers. They share their experiences and expertise with one another in an effort to grow.

3SF: The Society of Sophisticated & Successful Females

3SF is a sorority-style mastermind group of women entrepreneurs. The purpose of this mastermind is to help women grow in their knowledge, whether they are new to entrepreneurship or experienced. There are weekly meetings through Zoom, a book of the month, and a messenger chat for instant help.

If either one of these groups is of interest to you, please feel free to join either on the links above.



You have supported me for some years now and I have to say, it warms my heart to know so many of you root for my success. As the year commences, I will continue to push myself and my business to new heights. It is my hope that you will continue on the ride with me. I could not do what I do without you. There are several ways to show your love and support.


Patreon is a wonderful site that allows supporters to fund the projects of those they support. Your contribution will help me to create more in a shorter time. And you aren’t just giving me monetary support. You get some pretty cool stuff in return. Click here to find out more.

Social Media

I would love for you to follow me on social media, as well as like my FaceBook pages. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I’m everywhere and appreciate anyone who follows me.

Share & Comment

The other way to show your support is to share and comment as much as much as you can. The more people who know about me and what I’m doing, the more people I can touch. And I don’t doubt for a minute that you will help me do that.


I know there is a lot here, but I never dream small. Honestly, there are a few things that I haven’t divulged to you in an effort to be secretive. But because you are so amazing, you will find out soon enough. Until then, follow your dreams and be unstoppable.


Why I Made The Decision to Invest in Myself & My Business (And Why You Should Too)

I would like to believe I’m a pretty smart cookie when it comes to investing in me. Not trying to brag. Just being honest.

In my business and writing, I plan accordingly and use the best ideas to move forward. Within that plan, I use several different services and products to work more efficiently – working smarter, not harder.

But I wasn’t always the sharpest knife in the business drawer.

Continue Reading “Why I Made The Decision to Invest in Myself & My Business (And Why You Should Too)”

I Can’t Do It Without You

My Sincerest Thank You

Over the past 8 years, you have been there for me. Through my career ups and downs, you have shown me a level of support that always kept me going. It’s because of you I push forward in this crazy world of business and writing. You make me feel like I can do anything and for that, I am truly grateful.

An Opportunity For You

I see you commenting and liking my social media updates on my work, Ambitious Endeavors, and I Mean Really Dude. I can tell that you want to see me succeed and now there is a perfect way for you to be part of it all. I’ve teamed up with Patreon to help me get you involved as I move forward in my goals.

What Does This Mean

Patreon makes it easy for you to support me with different levels of contributions. These contributions will then be used to help in getting an assistant and hiring writers. Also, It will help with the day-to-day responsibilities I have while running multiple websites and putting out products/services that benefit people just like you.

What Do You Get Out Of It

I hope you didn’t think I was asking for your contribution without giving you a little something in return. Come on, you know me better than that. For each level of contributions, there are definitely some cool perks. Rewards for your patronage include:

  • Sincere thank you
  • Access to all Patreon updates
  • Weekly videos updating my activities
  • View first 3 chapters of all upcoming books
  • Autographed book(s) published within the year after becoming a patron
  • Shout out on Twitter @MsTrinaLynne, @AmbitiouslyYou, and @IMeanReallyDude
  • Name a character after you in future works of fiction
  • Name on contributor’s list on Ambitious Endeavors, Journey to the Sky, and I Mean Really Dude
  • Behind the scenes access to podcasts, webinars, and courses
  • Personal handwritten thank you
  • Attendance to a monthly “campfire” via Zoom with an ask me anything Q & A, as well as you can pitch ideas for future podcasts, webinars, and courses

Each contribution level has different sets of rewards, all of which helps you be part of the entire process of my journey to greatness.

Be Part of Greatness

As I said before, there are some amazing things going on now within Ambitious Endeavors, I Mean Really Dude and my personal career goals. It’s not all hype. In the coming weeks and months, you will be able to see the major push I’m making.

But why just watch from the sidelines? You could play a part in the greatness being set in motion. Your contribution gives you the opportunity to be part of the entire process up close and personal. Now, doesn’t that sound like an even trade? 😉

How Can You Help

To be a contributor all you have to do is click here and choose your level of contribution. All come with perks, but the more you give, the more you get.

Whatever you can give is a blessing and much appreciated. And I will do beyond my best to make you proud and make your contribution well worth it.

I do hope I can depend on your ongoing support.

Peace & Blessing