Use My Words

No matter who you are

No matter where you live

No matter what you believe

Or do not believe

To be true about life

And the things we do

The things we choose

Let my words

Be seen as a way

For you to see better

See brighter

Be free to be true to

Who you are

Who you want to be

No one determines what you will be when you leave

When you draw your last breath

You will not be able to blame anyone

For your faults

For your success

For what you’ve done with the precious gift

We all were given

With my present I give you

My words

Anything I say

Is what I’ve felt

Is what I’ve seen

Is what I’ve been

And what I’ve become

Full of bad decision

And good choices

Knowing about your darkness

That may haunt your dreams

Through my words

No matter what you were


Today you are someone

Today you are important

Today you are given a chance

To be what you would like to be

If you don’t have them to speak

Use my words

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© Trina Lynne

Heads Cut Off of Chickens

When people tend to be all over the place, they say, “…like a chicken with my head cut off.” Me, I cannot begin to use this cliché to describe the amount of work that goes into being TrinaLynne.

One thing I have realized is that I am not prioritizing the important things in life and in my career. I kind of just go with the flow of the day. However, in going with the flow of the day I do not get half of the things accomplished that I intend. This makes me seem like I am not being honest with my readers nor myself.

Being completely truthful, each day I set aside what needs to be done. I have post-it notes all over my computer as well as a white board; and I try to finish each task. Yet, as the day progresses and things in my personal life arise, I find my list getting longer instead of shorter.

Today, I decided that I would just spend time on my career. I locked the computer room door and commenced to doing things that benefited my career.

Most of the day consisted of research, considering I am behind on many articles that need to be written; not now but right now. The other part of my day has consisted of learning my craft and getting better acquainted with the programs and websites that I use regularly. You can never know too much – right?

Long story short, being a chicken with my head cut off is NOT ideal for me. It just means I’m running around with no direction. I mean, really. Who wants to do that?

The Millionaire Mind

Like anyone else, I have always been intrigued how others acquire their wealth. The best practices of people who make millions yearly, is something that I have been widely studying.

Recently, I picked up New York Times Best Seller “The Millionaire Mind” by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. The book is very interesting and enlightening. Dr. Stanley shows, through hundreds of surveys conducted, what millionaires accredit to achieving their financial freedom.

To my surprise, integrity is one of the leading reasons why these millionaires have their wealth. Within the integrity realm, being honest with all people is at the top of the list. This squashes many folks’ theory that to acquire wealth you must be dishonest.

Another whammy for me was the high concentration on getting along with people – or being a people person, to acquire wealth. You can make money not being nice to people, but it is harder and takes longer. Who wouldn’t want to work for or with someone who naturally and generally gets along with others?

The last fact that I found very interesting was the majority of millionaires surveyed also certify being physically fit as a reason for their wealth. Being in good shape helps you in business. The reasoning behind this is that it keeps a person energized and on their toes. It also is a tactic that makes all the haters (critics) upset.

There are many other things accredited to the millionaire’s wealth, but these three factors; integrity, social skills and physical fitness, were the most interesting to me.

These things, among others, made me realize that being wealthy has absolutely nothing to do with GPAs or SATs. It also made me realize that you don’t have to  be an heiress to get there. Many of the millionaires surveyed started from ground zero to make the millions they now have today.

I know you’re probably saying to yourself, “what does this book have to do with you as a writer?”

It has everything to do with me as a writer.

Many statistics say that unless you are the Stephen King’s or James Patterson’s of the world, the odds of you making hundreds of thousands, let alone millions, is highly unlikely. Many writers don’t even earn enough to make ends meet.

It’s not all about money because anyone who knows me knows that I honestly love to write and love to be a part of the literary world. That just brings me to another point made by the survey, a very high percentage say that you must love your vocation in order to truly acquire wealth from it.

When it comes to me, my career, and my business; I have never wanted to be like everyone else, lost in the fray of things. I have never liked being average. And I would like to be the anomaly of the writer’s statistics.

What this book is showing me, is that I can become wealthy as a writer because by the survey’s standards of the book, I actually have a “millionaire mind”. The only thing I need to do is to execute the intellect that I already have and use it to bring my words into fruition.

So with all that being said, I must get back to work. 😉

Until next time.