Adding To The Poetry

When I decided to publish The Good, The Bad & The Ugly it was a way for me to get rid of my fear of being judged. For so long, I felt that people would criticize the words I write. I felt that if I published them it would leave me raw and exposed to what others thought of me.

Now, after publishing I have a new sense of what I am capable of.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: The Struggles of Being Bipolar allows readers to look into my thought process during my bipolar episodes. The verses are personal but serve the purpose of being a comfort and a learning experience.

After putting forth this book I planned to publish fiction next. However, I feel that I should continue to give the world the personal side of me through poetry first. It just seems a better choice.

My subjects surround having a child at an early age, being the black sheep of my family, my abusive marriage and turning to drugs and alcohol when my depression became overwhelming. All of these things comfort people like me and teach people who know nothing about these things.

Honestly, it scares me to be this open about my life, but it seems necessary in my effort of becoming a prolific writer. To my understanding, readers enjoy a writer that speaks to them personally. All the subjects that I have chosen touch all kinds of people and don’t relay to only one type of person.

I am so excited about being able to share these things with others. It is not a means to expose or disrespect anyone. It is a way for me to grow as a person and a writer. My hopes are that you continue to grow with me and accept all the truths I am telling.

Until next time.


Raging Roller Coaster

This past month has been a plethora of ups and downs in my career and personal life. From my health failing to pushing my first book back a few weeks, the month has been very frustrating.

There have been so many reasons for me to climb into bed and pull the covers over my head. However, I stay vigilant in everything I need to do.

How? I have no idea. Maybe it’s my need to be better. Or maybe it’s because I have a need to get my words out in the universe where they belong.

Everyone goes through things, whether good or bad. No one is exempt from the trials of life. It all depends on how each of us deals with the things that come our way.

When I first got sick, I thought I would never get my book out especially given the fact it was due to be released the week I went to the hospital. I was sure it was a sign of some sort – a negative sign.

I have come to realize that it was just a sign to give myself a bit more time and not force what I wanted to do. There is nothing worse than a rushed product and I was clearly rushing things.

You know how it is? You just want things to be done and over.

A book, especially one like this, takes time, patience and love. It couldn’t just be thrown together so that I could say I did it. It had to be eased into the world and given the proper attention as anything else that I have love for.

This realization has made this raging roller coaster of a month a little easier to deal with. While I am not be happy about my physical state, I am happy to be alive to continue toward my goals.  There are so many who never carry out what I am fighting to do.

In saying this, I am proud that my first book – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – will be coming out later this week (if I can help it). My health is improving and I have a new-found outlook on life.

Sometimes it takes a few ups and downs and loop-de-loops to figure out what you truly want and need to do. I’m just glad I figured it out before I did something drastic like give up. 😉

Until next time.