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Are you looking to be your best writing self? Maybe you have a book that you’ve written but you need an editor. Maybe you have ideas and you need someone to help you flesh them out. Or maybe you have no clue where or how to start.

Well, you’ve come to the “write” place. (See what I did there!)

Let me help you with writing your book, as well as guide you in building your platform so you can attract your ideal audience, as well as traditional publishers. (A efficiently built platform can also help you with the self-publishing experience.)

If You Work With Me You Will:

  • Get clear on your writing goals. This includes getting clarity on what you want to write, who you are writing for and how you wish to touch your audience.
  • Improve and polish your writing, as well as editing your work and teaching you to be a better, more confident writer.
  • Develop a success plan for your writing goals that are reachable.
  • Organize and develop your book.
  • Time and project management
  • Expand your writer’s platform
  • Develop an efficient and powerful promotion plan for your book.
  • Make the book writing process easier and more enjoyable.
  • Take action and be accountable.
  • Addressing any challenges or roadblocks that may hinder you from reaching your goals

…and so much more!

People also enroll in the Ambitious Endeavors Academy where you benefit from:

  • Step-by-step course materials which will guide you through the book writing process
  • Feedback on your writing.
  • Private coaching with me

Learn more about the Ambitious Endeavors Academy.

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In a writing coaching program, you’ll develop your goal(s), a roadmap to reaching those goals, and a plan of action to reach your goal(s).

You will receive coaching through Zoom, Skype, over the phone or, if you live in the Philadelphia area, in person.